It's About Time by mary elizabeth

Here in the good old Admin. Office at Living Light, we’ve been experiencing some technical difficulties with our clock.  First, our fancy atomic clock went nuts, complete with some very “through the looking glass” spinning, and wouldn’t keep the time even with new batteries and trips outdoors to better connect with it’s atomic brethren.  So, we got a regular old battery operated wall clock to take its place and all was well for a while, but now – not working.  But we’ve discovered that it works just fine when we take it down off the wall, yet when re-hung, it stops.  It seems to me that the only logical explanation is that spot on the wall of the office is some sort of time vortex – an anomaly, if you will – where time stops.  If only we could figure out how to use this to our advantage!

You may want to use time to your advantage and register for the on-line version of our 2011 Chef Showcase as quickly as possible.  Right now it’s being offered for almost $50 off the regular price!  Quite a deal, and so worth it!  We have such amazing chefs participating this year – you don’t want to miss out on all the new, cutting edge recipes they’ve developed.  And there’s lots of bonuses that come along with it – so don’t let time slip away – sign up today!

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