Picture This by mary elizabeth

Right now, upstairs in the culinary studio at Living Light, the students are in the middle of Ethnic Flavors and Recipe Development. Sometimes, down here in Living Light’s administrative office, I forget about all the fantastic culinary creativity going on upstairs. But not today! One of our beloved students brought down a sample tray. The food was wonderful. It’s always such a blessing to see our students blossom into confident, competent raw food chefs. The ethnic region featured in today’s offering was South America. There were corn tamales which I loved because they were really sweet. There was a layered dip that was super yummy – raw comfort food! There was a savory rice dish as well as rice pudding. There was coconut curry soup. Fantastic! What a treat to get to see what our students are doing with their culinary skills.

And – as you can see – they’re using their photography skills too. But if they, or any of you, want to take food photography to the next level, check out our class Raw Food Styling for Photography. World famous food stylist Denise Vivaldo comes to Living Light for two days of instruction in food artistry. You'll learn all the tricks the experts use to make food smile for the camera. We’re only offering it once this year and it’s coming up quickly – the last two days in August. So - give me a call and register today!

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