Weeding and Sea-weeding by hilloah

I love to weed in the garden, I love to iron, I love to peel apples: all jobs that most people regard as boring. But there is a calmness involved in doing these jobs, a rotation that allows your mind to shut down and just concentrate on the task at hand. I do not know about you, but my mind can soar through the universe, talk on the phone, and type at the same time: very efficient, but not calming. This weekend I finished weeding the front garden and started on the back. There is such  fulfillment in weeding: not only the calmness, but the finished product is beautiful. I also found some Naked Lady bulbs by weeding, what a joy!

 Take A Walk On The Wild Side: Discover Raw Green Super Foods From the Ocean! This is a class that is very enjoyable. I took it the first year and had so much fun walking along the coast and discovering food in seaweed as well as a great way to clean your hot tub – such a deal! Terry Nieves is fun to walk with and very knowledgeable about the ocean and its edible harvest.

2 thoughts on “Weeding and Sea-weeding by hilloah

  1. kristin suratt

    Hilloah…love this blog….you are so right. One pointed concentration on one task-especially outdoors is a powerful and calming way to stay in present time-the only time there is!

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