Summer Treats by mary elizabeth

We have chosen the next Hot Raw Chef! It’s none other than Living Light graduate Cristina Achila. Her winning recipe is for Pear Napoleon with Pistachio Crumble and Fig Confit and looks fabulous. No wonder she won! And if you missed the voting, like I always do, you can still watch the videos and register to receive the eBook of recipes. I totally suggest you do it, too. I have a copy of the eBook and there is so much fun stuff in there, including tons of summer treats. So just go to and check out the latest in raw culinary yumminess.

What summer treats do you enjoy the most? I am a watermelon fan and am so looking forward to trying both the watermelon gazpacho recipes featured in my new eBook. If you like watching demos, you should treat yourself to this year’s Chef Showcase at the Living Light Center. The line-up of chefs is impressive. You may want to use the warmer, dryer weather to ramp up your exercise regimen a couple notches. Or –  spend it sitting still and soaking up the sunshine. Whatever you think will make your summer sweeter, be sure and indulge yourself. During the cold, dark days of winter, make sure you have some summer memories with which to warm yourself. How will you treat yourself this summer?

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  1. kristin suratt

    Hey Mary Elizabeth...Can't believe I've been too busy to comment on your fabulou blog posts....I haven't even tried watermelon this summer's almost hot enough. Aren't we lucky to live in such a cool place?

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