Peace on the Road by kristin

yoko and johnI was driving south from Fort Bragg towards Mendocino and the Peace people were on the left hand side of the road, just like they are nearly every Sunday. I made the peace sign out the window to them, and felt for just a moment that old feeling from the 60s, when making the peace sign made you feel connected to the other person you were looking at, heart to heart. I felt it so strongly that tears spilled out of my eyes suddenly - a whole flood of them. And I realized that my heart was cracked open for a moment. Hearing all of the news of war and strife all over the planet every day takes a toll on the human psyche, and I also watched the documentary "Inside Job" over the weekend, about the financial collapse in the world economy and the people responsible for it. It came to me that the Peace people might do no more than stand by the side of the road every Sunday waving peace flags and banners, but the work they do is important and real. If it touches deeply just one heart a week it means the world. peace sign

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  1. Monica Landry

    Thank you for this heart felt reminder of the importance of the universal PEACE SIGN, a laser symbol that lives on throughout the ages. This symbol goes way beyond the language barrier and into the hearts of all. Those people on the side of the road understand the power of this gesture and the results in can provide on a global level. May we all embrace the message!!!!

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