Choices by mary elizabeth

I used to think that I’d always be passionate about the things that got me all fired up in my teens and twenties. Today, I couldn’t even tell you what they were. I mean – I remember reading certain books and feeling profoundly affected by them but now I couldn’t tell you why. Oh well – I guess as one grows older and enters the more settled and necessarily responsible stage of adulthood, one has to save one’s passion for things like paying bills and buying healthy food on a budget. That’s okay. I know I always felt strongly about things like voting and exercising one’s constitutionally guaranteed freedoms and I still do. Maybe not quite as vocally as before, but certainly in my heart.

It’s voting day here at Living Light! The polls close tonight at midnight Pacific Daylight Time. And guess what? I remembered to vote on time for this one. Yes – we will be announcing the next Hot Raw Chef next week. Pretty exciting – plus just watching what people were able to make with five ingredients in five minutes was fun. And I got tons of recipe ideas. Have you watched the videos yet? If not, I think you still can even after the polls close. Actually, I know you can as per my after polling adventure last year at this time. Anyhow – watch the videos, enjoy them and vote for your favorite Hot Raw Chef – right now!

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