Weekend Events and Blogs by hilloah

What did I do this weekend? Saturday, after checking in the latest bunch of Living Light students, Archie and I went to the Little River Airport for a fund raiser for the Little River Fire Department. They had a vegetarian bar-be-que with beer, wine, water, salad, and pie. (You know how much I love pie!) I’ve said it before:  Mendocino towns are very generous in supporting events that help others.

 Sunday I spent in the front yard. All the glorious rain we had in the spring not only helped the vegetables and flowers, it helped to promote the weeds. We have a three by six small flower bed in front if the cabin that was covered with weeds. So I spent time on Sunday getting all the weeds out so we can turn the earth, fertilize it (we are lucky to have a neighbor with horses), water it, and have flowers rise once again.

One of our former students emailed me with a question and sent me to her wordpress blog: rawscents.  We appreciate when our students blog about us and share their experiences with others: it makes it more personal. We are so much more than just a corporation!

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