Oh My Stars by mary elizabeth

The night sky has been so pretty lately. Well – maybe no prettier than normal, but the sky’s actually been clear here for a while so I’ve been able to see it and I’ve been enjoying its beauty these evenings. The summer constellations remind me of my childhood – being outside after dark and looking for the big dipper and Orion’s belt. I’ve been seeing tons of shooting stars, too. I don’t know if they actually grant wishes, but I’ve been making them anyway. And at this stage in my life, I’ve learned enough about wishes to keep them simple and pure (I’ve read my Nesbit!). And I have to say, little by little, they’ve been coming true!

Speaking of stars – it’s voting time again. That’s right – time to pick a new rawk star. The 5 in 5 Hot Raw Chef Video Recipe Contest is in full swing and voting ends on July 15th. That’s a week from tomorrow and we have forty-nine contestants so I suggest you start watching so you can pick a favorite and vote in time. I always have trouble voting on time, but this year I’m bound and determined to have my vote count. So much so that I think I’ll vote tonight! Way inside the timeline! Good for me! Now you do it, too. If you don’t work for Living Light like I do, your vote will enter you into a contest to win two spots in FUNdamentals of Raw Living Foods for you and a friend plus two nights at The Stanford Inn in Mendocino. It’s beautiful there and they have a fabulous vegan restaurant with yummy raw options. So - vote for the next Hot Raw Chef!

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