Summer's Here by mary elizabeth

Summer has really arrived. I can tell because here at Living Light we're gearing up for our Chef Showcase, my daughter is gearing up for her big summer camp adventure and it's misty outside.  Except for the mist, these things are super exciting, but also require lots of preparation, and include all sorts of deadlines.

I have to get my daughter off to camp in less than a month. As I may have mentioned before, I’m more efficient with a deadline, but for her sake I don’t want to be too last-minutey about it. She’s flying all the way across the country – by herself for the first time – to a music camp for teenaged girls. Super fun, huh? I’m really excited for her but also really need to get her stuff together. She’s going to need stuff there that we don’t need here like sun block and bug spray plus music stuff like extra bass strings and probably other stuff that musicians know about plus stuff to keep her entertained on the plane plus, plus, plus…I should probably make a list.

Speaking of deadlines - tomorrow is the last day to submit videos for the Hot Raw Chef Video Recipe Contest. So finish up and upload it now! I got to take a sneak peek at some of the entries we’ve received so far and I must say you people are so creative! “Five ingredients in five minutes” doesn’t sound like it would give much scope for the imagination, but there are some fabulous submissions. I’m looking forward to watching the rest and you can watch them too from July 2 – 15. And don’t forget to vote and help pick the next hot raw chef!

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