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Today, Archie spent his time putting a temporary roof on our great room. He is adding a great room  to our cabin and the weather report says that it will rain tonight and tomorrow. Though the roof is on, it is only plywood without any roofing materials and the rain could get in.

Last night he was exhausted after being on the roof all day, but our neighbor came by and said that they had a new swarm of honey bees if we wanted  them. We do want the bees, but Archie's back was in major "ouch" mode. She said, “Oh don’t worry - my husband and our neighbor will help.” So off he went to get the bees, while I went to bed to read.

They got the bees in the box with only two stings for Archie (luckily no stingers remained after contact). Then this morning he went back to the neighbor’s yard to get the box as the bees had calmed down and he brought them over to our yard. Now we have both Mason and Honey Bees: we should have a great garden!

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