A Summer Place and Time by kristin

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I have to admit that summer has never been my favorite season. I'm not saying that to be a curmudgeon, but I'm more of a fall sort of person. You know: crunching leaves, slanting sun, and the promise of a new school year sort of thing (I liked school as a kid). 

Growing up in the city, I would sometimes get bored in summer, and sit in the crook of a tree reading a book.  I remember going to Rooster Rock on the Columbia river. Packing up kids in the hot car, a large expanse of asphalt parking lot, and my grandmother descending the  sandy hill to the beach in her flowered frock and sensible shoes (maybe an open toe since it was summer),  unpacking the big picnic lunch of the day: Potato salad, deviled eggs, watermelon, homemade cookies, and a decidedly non-vegan fried chicken. girl readingEven today, when I see all the cars driving along in the summertime, loaded up with gear and people and getting ready to have "fun" in the sun, it feels somewhat stressful to me. Since moving to the Mendocino coast though, it's been easier in summer. Right now the weather is super nice, and we have lovely beaches that aren't crowded or hot.  Another fun thing about being here is that we have the Hot Raw Chef Video Recipe Contest at Living Light. And it's so easy this year. Just 5 ingredients in 5 minutes. Bet you could even film it on the beach if you have one near you--what FUN! Submit by June 30th!picnic

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