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Happy Solstice eveyone! Summer is officially here and believe it or not, it's actually hot here in Fort Bragg. It's a rarity, believe me. We're not used to it and I got a nasty sunburn last Sunday just reading in the backyard for a laundry cycle or two. It felt so good out there with the sun on my skin without any annoying wind to drive me back inside. I guess I overdid it. Oh well - these warm, sunny days probably won't last too long so I intend to enjoy them while I can.

I'm looking forward to enjoying the videos for Living Light's upcoming Hot Raw Chef Video Recipe Contest. And, if you're feeling extra restricted by the five ingredient rule, I learned a tip today, You don't have to count, say, coconut meat and coconut water as two ingredients as they're part of the same one ingredient: a coconut. Similarly, you could use a diced tomatoe plus squeeze the juice from the seeds et voila - two ingredients that count as one. I hope that helps some of you hotties out there. Now make those videos and submit them! I'm excited to watch - five ingredients in five minutes is just my style!

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