Viva Las Vegas by mary elizabeth

If there’s one thing I get asked all the time here in the enrollment office of Living Light, it’s, “Are you ever going to have a class closer to where I live?” Well – if you live near Las Vegas, you’re in luck! We’re taking our FUNdamentals class on the road. We will be in Las Vegas on October 20th and will be able to teach this basic course in gourmet raw living foods to one hundred people! Keep an eye on our website for details, or better yet – subscribe to our newsletter to stay current on all the new and exciting things going on at Living Light. There are all sorts of fun things happening this summer and now some of us will be heading to the city of lights for a day of vibrant living. I wish they needed an enrollment specialist along for the ride!

The last time I was in Vegas it was to see the Grateful Dead. That was a long strange trip. But - super fun!  We stayed at the Flamingo and went to both concerts. I hear the city has changed quite a bit since then. That's okay - so have I.  Anyway – as you Southwesterners make your summer plans, leave some room for a trip to Las Vegas in the fall to begin your raw food journey with the FUNdamentals of Raw Living Foods, brought to you by Living Light!

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