Dear Old Dads by kristin

It's almost Father's Day, and I can't let the day go by without mention. Both Cherie's father Fred Soria and my Dad died during the past year.

Dan and daughter Cherie’s Dad was more of a saint, and mine more of a sinner (of the omission variety, being absent for most of my life). But no matter what kind of Dad you have had in your life, it’s still touching to me to read about different types of  Dads and what they are like.

Coincidentally, my sister Katey posted an album on Facebook today of more than seventy photos of our blended family.  It was beautiful to see all of the lovely and loving people that came from our two Dads, and I have three wonderful siblings from my own Dad's second marriage.father's day card

Then, I arrived at work and my friend and fellow blogger Hilloah sent a link to a blog by Marshall Carr, who used to work at Living Light and now teaches high school in our community. The blog was about the arrival of his new daughter Zoey Mae. There was a video about his elder daughter, 2-year old Rowan Ellie greeting her new sister for the first time, and I thought of how much I loved my brother and both of my sisters when they were born, and still do! That's what it is all about really - the circle of life and love, started with a Mom and a Dad. When everything else falls away, only the love remains. Cherie and Dad

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