Short and Sweet by mary elizabeth

My fellow blogger Kristin, my daughter and I all went to see a series of short films last Sunday as part of the Mendocino Film Festival. I love short films – not just because I have a short attention span or anything like that, although that is certainly true on a whole bunch of levels – but because they crystallize their purpose so swiftly and somehow more strongly as a result. The longest of the ten films we watched was eighteen minutes. My favorite was less than five. These films ranged from silly to poignant and all together provided a fabulous afternoon’s entertainment.

Speaking of short films – it’s time for another video recipe contest, hot raw chefs! These have been so fun and so popular, I’m really glad Living Light's doing it again.  And this time, the videos can’t be longer than five minutes! Pretty constricting, I guess. I’m not much of a chef, hot, raw or otherwise, but I imagine it’s a bit tough to really show off your stuff in such a short time. But I saw some phenomenal stuff crammed into ridiculously short presentations yesterday, and am confident you guys can do it! I’m looking forward to seeing the entries and hope that maybe – just maybe – I can vote on my favorite and have it count this time.

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