Tonight the Friends of the Garden (the Mendocino Coast Botanical Garden, that is) are having an auction as a fund raiser. All the members get together and bring food, bouquets or something else of value to be auctioned off. Sometimes there is a bidding war which is always fun. Last year a small chest was up for bid and I wanted it. I was afraid that the man who bid before me would bid up, but he took one look at me and realized I truly wanted it. I got it! It is upstairs in my soon-to-be craft room just waiting for luscious yarns or beautiful fabrics to be placed inside. This year we are donating three bird houses to the event. We like them; however, they are ornamental and are collecting dust in our living room. It is time for them to move on.

The Living Light Marketplace is moving on and getting ready for the next set of students coming this weekend. They make sure there are enough chef coats in all sizes, chef hats, knives, text books and a plethora of snacks. Yummmm! I love going into the Marketplace, not only for all the kitchen "toys", but the books! Ah, there are so many! My favorite, of course, is You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay. We also have many books by raw food enthusiasts such as Victoria Boutenko, Gabriel Cousens, John Robbins and many more. The books are incased in wooden shelves and just beg to be looked at - such a joy!

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