Sweet Smell of Success by kristin

Yes, I can smell the sweet and  savory possibilities already! Just a couple of days ago, when we first launched our 5 in 5 Hot Raw Chef Video Recipe Contest, we had only 10 sign ups, and now we already have 30 people interested in becoming the next Hot Raw Chef. amber shea ford

This is the third contest we've done in the past year, and it's catching on. We expect at least 100 entries this time-maybe more. We recently had the winner of the Hot Raw Chef Sweet Valentine contest here at our school. Amber Shea Ford was studying raw nutritional science with the Dinas, and we loved having her here. It was a bit of a mutual admiration society. raspberry cheesecakeShe even learned to like eating big salads. Sometimes by rewarding herself with one of our truly delectable desserts. So whether you decide on sweet or savory,  now is the time to write down your recipes, get out your  video cameras (or phones) and get your groove on. We're awarding incredible prizes, including a Food Styling for Photography class with Denise Vivaldo. Sweet! So if you see yourself as a star in the raw food constellation, don't hesitate, do it now!star constellation YOU could be the next HOT RAW CHEF!

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