HAPPY BIRTHDAY! by hilloah

Today is Cherie Soria’s birthday! Cherie is regarded at the “Mother of Gourmet Raw Food”. She started out working with Ann Wigmore who eventually told Cherie to branch out so that others could learn gourmet raw foods  - rather than just green drinks and salads. So she did. She began traveling all over the world, teaching people a gourmet  raw vegan diet. Finally she settled in California and set up Living Light so that they could come here and learn from her and her staff of excellent instructors.

One of the many avenues that Cherie has developed for raw foodists is her raw recipe contests where anyone can enter an original recipe to win great prizes. This year’s Showcase will have a new twist: 5 in 5 Video Recipe Contest. The recipes must have only five ingredients and take only five minutes (or less) to demonstrate. Which five ingredients would you choose? Only foods that starts with the letter M? Mangos, mulberries, mushrooms, melons, and mustard greens? Umm, maybe not! Whatever you choose, have some fun!


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