Both our Flowers and Students are Blooming! by hilloah

The mason bees are working. We had seven tubes of them and so far eight new tubes have been filled. We will be having more filled, all for next year. Next year, however, we will wait until May before getting them out of the refrigerator as more flowers are blooming now than in March and April like the booklets suggested.

Our roses have started blooming. The tea trees are still in bloom – red, pink, fancy (double petals) pink and white – and the snap dragons are sill in bloom. Our peach tree seems full of small buds as are our apple and cherry trees. The fig tree has no figs on it, but the leaves are really getting big this year. Our apricot and pear trees are looking good: in the next couple of years we will really be full of fruit – we can hardly wait!

 This August we will have many students around at Living Light as well. Some will be here for the Gourmet Raw Food Chef certification some for the Science of Raw Food Nutritional certifications, some for the Chef Showcase, and some for all of it! We are full of gratitude  for this, not only for our company, but for the joy of spreading raw food and healthy choices to so many people. Exponentially it will spread even beyond us – WOW!

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