Work and the World by kristin

wish or work As with all things in life, the one constant at work is change. Our graphic artist and my cohort in the Marketing Department for the last three years is moving away from our pristine Pacific shore and setting out for new adventures, she knows not where yet. But wherever she lands and whatever she does, the place and the people will be lucky to have her, our darling Inga. We all love her at Living Light, and will miss her so much. And a newer member of the marketing team, "K.C." Kristin Carr is also moving on to pursue her own dreams of creating a holistic center nearby. Adieu dear ladies, we wish you both every success.

The rest of us will be here at Living Light, working to make a difference as we always do. Sometimes it's good to do a "check-back," to see how far you've come, so that you can enjoy the fruits of your labors. For twelve years our Living Light graduates have carried the message of the raw food lifestyle hither and yon. So we're not just working for money, we're working to create a healthier, more peaceful and harmonious planet. Good to for money  Not to be overly altruistic, because with 4 green businesses in the current economy, we do need to work hard to make our businesses successful and prosperous. AND we have a higher goal to fulfill. Let's keep on truckin'!

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