Our Students by hilloah

Well, another culinary Associate Chef & Instructor certification has begun at Living Light. It is so exciting to finally meet the people you have been speaking to on the telephone  for the last several months.

 Some of the students are here for only one or two days to start their culinary adventure, others will be here from FUNdamentals through the Science of Raw Food Nutrition, Level I, a full nine days and come back to finish the Chef program when they get more vacation time. And still others are here for the full three weeks of the Associate Chef and Instructor program. This is one of the reasons our courses are so popular: you can take them as you have the budget of time and money. Once a student has taken the Associate Chef & Instructor course, they then have two years to take the advanced classes and become a Gourmet Raw Food Chef

Soon these very students will be on our website either as a Graduate Success Story or to advertise (for free) as a Raw Empowered Chef. I love going to these sites and seeing that the people I enrolled have become “rawk stars”.

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