No Place Like Home by kristin

blue water and mt

After traveling a long way from the South of France - 14+ hours by plane, and several more driving up from the Bay area, I still find this sleepy little town of Fort Bragg, California a nice place to come home to. Winding through the Anderson Valley and the redwood forests, it is quite a thrill when I first catch a glimpse of the sea. It's spectacular. Coming back to work takes a little time to get used to...gotta answer that mountain of email, organize tasks, say hello to everyone, and reintegrate into the workaday world after a worldly adventure. Part of the zen of it all is knowing that the present moment is the one that matters. It's where we get our juice. It's where we find our deepest happiness. Projecting oneself into the future or dwelling on the past doesn't make us vibrant, happy human beings. But taking a trip and exploring new horizons certainly does refresh the spirit.Redwood Forest

Right now, our enrollment team is out in the hall, welcoming a fresh new group of Living Light students, who are wide-eyed with excitement. Some of them have traveled half way around the world to join us here. I'm glad it's such a pretty destination. I'm glad that we offer this international group of travelers a great curriculum, supportive teachers and staff, and a whole new world to explore. Right here in Fort Bragg. Sweet!

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