What Does a Rubber Ducky Have To Do With Mom? - by hilloah

  The community of Westport has a rubber ducky race down a stream to the ocean every Mother’s Day. It is free to attend and you can enter a rubber ducky in the race – bring your own or buy one there. There is judging of the best decorated as well as the fastest ducks.  

Our duck, named ARCHIE of course, did better this year. Last year he went from last place to the middle. This year he went all the way to the top fourth of the contestants. I am of the opinion that he would have won, but he stopped to talk along the way with two other ducks. “That’s Archie,” my friend Sandi said, “always talking with friends!”

After the races we went to Cowlicks for home made ice cream. So many things are home made or grown here in Fort Bragg. I have gotten spoiled, for if I cannot find exactly what I want, the creator of the piece of art, jewelry, clothing, garden accessories or whatever lives here and I can go to him or her directly and request what I want. So nice!

At Living Light we do the same in as much as we have four businesses that help the students and angels. We have the Living Light Culinary Institute (the school where we teach you to be a Raw Vegan Chef), the Living Light Inn (accommodations), a Raw Food Café (a place to eat), and the Living Light Marketplace (where we sell the tools to be a chef).

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