Happy Mother's Day by mary elizabeth

This Sunday is a special one. It’s a day for us to honor those women who’ve been mothers to us. We need a special day, evidently, to remember to be grateful for these earthly goddesses. That makes sense – I mean, the whole act of birthing and nurturing and releasing is so natural and such a deeply rooted rhythm of our existence, we don’t even notice it happening on a daily basis. Well, maybe the birthing part, but you know what I mean. And, the mother/child relationship can be pretty tricky. Sometimes, we just don’t want to acknowledge our mothers. Often, our children seem just a tad ungrateful.  But on this one day – we can take a moment to be all those things. If you’re with your mother, make her smile. If you’re missing your mother, take a moment to honor her spirit. If you don’t know your mother, spend some time honoring Mother Earth. And if you are a mother, allow yourself to receive the honor coming your way. Make it truly a special day.

Our founder, Cherie Soria, is called “the mother of gourmet raw vegan food”. Living Light is her creation. Urged by Ann Wigmore to bring her raw culinary delights to the world, Cherie pursued her vision until Living Light became a reality. And here we are today, a part of the oldest, most respected raw culinary school in existence, being nurtured by Cherie’s vision and talent. Thank you, Cherie. Happy Mother’s Day!

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