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Look upSometimes when you change your perspective, you open up a whole new world. Travel does that for me. Looking at the world with a new point of view can only add freshness to your everyday life when you come back home. I've had so many experiences in the last couple of weeks here in France. No matter which way I turn I see things in a different light, quite literally. Just this morning we were talking about how many artists had moved from Paris to the South of France because of the quality of the light here. Picasso, Matisse, Chagall..the list goes on.

view from topEven if you're not traveling, I recommend looking at things from different angles. It's surprising what you'll find when you turn your world upside down. A bit like Alice through the rabbit hole into a magical world.

What happens to us when we change our point of view? Do the synapses of the brain connect in a different way, opening to new creative possibilities? Luckily, we can travel the realms of the mind without changing our geographic location - one of the lucky benefits of being a human being. I hope to keep my fresh perspective when I get back home again. Russsian Church

Our Living Light students come from all around the globe. Their time studying with us is also travel. Not only are they learning about gourmet raw cuisine, they are gaining a new perspective just by making the journey. This trip has given me a new appreciation of their dedication and the whole Living Light experience. I look forward to welcoming a new group of travelers to Living Light this month.

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  1. cheryl gautier

    Nice to see that you are enjoying this exotic adventure called life. I will be in Southern France soon, both hanging out there as well as traveling around France and Italy a bit, and will try to keep your upbeat, spiritual and philosophical perspective!! Cheers!

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