old fashtioned sewing kit

One of my favorite websites, actually a blog site, is Old Fashioned Tips by Brenda Jean. She uses vintage clips to accent her article. My favorite gifts are those that are beautiful yet useful. Beauty for beauty’s sake can be boring, and “things” without beauty are unappetizing. She talks about recipes and home cleaning tips, and uses such beautiful pictures and quotes from old books that are mostly out of date.

I love old things. I have a modern made cookbook from the wives of Fort Collins in Colorado. Each recipe has the wording from the 1800’s and the modern equivalent. Instead of saying 1½ Tablespoons of butter, they said “butter the size of a walnut”. Each recipe was tested to our standards of taste and they work. Some of the recipes have quotes from the creators. One such was a “Jenny Lind” cake that the creator made in honor of the evening she went to hear Jenny Lind sing.

All this talk about food, makes me hungry for the  Living Light Chef Showcase where the premier raw food chefs will be preparing food for us. Last year Chad Sarno and Victoria Boutenko were here and you should have heard the “Ooh’s” and “Ahs”. One of my favorites was Kirsten Gum and her “Great Green Cilantro Dip”. She made enough and brought some down to us in the office along with some of her raw crackers. Yummm!

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