Sweet! by mary elizabeth

A few years ago, if you’d told me to be grateful for what I have to make myself feel better about what I don’t, I’d have rolled my eyes in disgust and written you off. Today, I might give that advice myself. Because it’s true. It’s hard to be in a tail spin of self doubt when focusing on dear friends. I can’t feel deprived for too long when I remember I have a home and a job and some cute clothes. I have two fantastic, smart, healthy children and a boyfriend who’s genuinely fond of me. As my friend and fellow blogger, Kristin, wrote – life is sweet. It really is – we just have to taste it.

 We are just about at the end of another Gourmet Raw Food Chef training and you know what that means? Pastry Arts – Unbaked! I love pastry week. The dessert case in the café gets all filled up with delightful treats and sometimes we get samples here in the office. Yum! Although not part of Living Light’s required curriculum for certification, this class is definitely our most popular elective. And you needn’t be a Gourmet graduate to take it. It’s open to Associate Raw Food Chef and Instructors, too. But it normally follows our advanced culinary courses and those students often stay the extra few days to add this class. Pastry Arts is such a fun way for the students to finish up their training. They’ve worked so hard and been away from home for so long. What better way to end things up than with something sweet?

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