Are You There, Caller? by mary elizabeth

Do you listen to radio call-in shows? I haven’t in years. Do they still exist?  Maybe they do, but I do most of my asking about stuff on the internet. It’s quick and sometimes satisfying. Other times it’s so distracting I forget all about my original question. Anyhow – that’s all good and private but I used to like listening to people call in with all sorts of personal problems and hope to feel better after a couple of minutes of on-the-air therapy. Like Frasier. Anyhow – maybe I’ll search the air-waves this weekend and see if I can’t find one.

If you’d like to call in and get your questions answered by Living Light faculty, you’ll get your chance next Thursday, April 28th. Raw Food Doctors Rick and Karin Dina and internationally renowned author and instructor,  Jennifer Cornbleet, will be hosting a teleconference that evening at 5:30p.m. PST. They’ll talk about their upcoming classes and answer all your questions live, via telephone. The Dinas have a full series of Science of Raw Food Nutrition classes coming up and Jenny will be teaching her Advanced Raw Culinary Arts Instructor course for the very first time this July. Call in and find out all about both opportunities direct from the instructors. Check our website for details. It’ll be fun and informative and way more personal than a Google search!

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