A Trip to France by kristin

Swiss airAfter several months knowing that I would be taking a trip to Nice in the south of France, the time has finally arrived. Today, I bid adieu to Fort Bragg and embark on a voyage to "the continent" via Swiss Air. I've never flown on the airline before, but I imagine it will be organized and accommodating. I lived in Paris for a year long ago-- 30 years to be exact, and this is my first visit back since then. Dare I say yahoo, or is that already taken? I must admit that now that the time has nearly arrived, I'm allowing those little bubbles of excitement to begin to quicken my pulse and excite my endorphins.

One of the great things about embarking on travels is that you don't know where the road (or jet plane) will take you, exactly. You can't really even anticipate the feelings, sights, smells, and experiences that await. Travel is one of those things that can change a person. Material possessions may come and go, but the flavor of life that you gain by visiting other places stays with you forever. Shall I be La Belle Dame Sans Merci, dazzling a knight in shining armor? Likely not, but I'll see the rocky beach at Nice, and the big palm trees, and the luxe pink hotel on the promenade again. How lovely is that?La Belle Dame Sans Merci

Meanwhile, back here at Living Light, the beat goes on. Lot's of wonderful classes lined up, and many new things coming down the pike, including the next Living Light Chef Showcase, Hot Chefs Cool Kitchens, and the next Hot Raw Chef video recipe contest. Stay tuned for bloggers Hilloah and Mary Elizabeth, who will share the latest in my absence. And I'll probably drop a line or two from my travels, and share the wealth. Bon Voyage to me!


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  1. cheryl

    how unfortunate that our paths will not cross in France as I will be leaving N.O. on June 23 or so and staying for 7 weeks total in France, Italy, and Sweden! I do hope to hook up sometime in N.O. or in California, though. We could have a truly ethereal time!! Luv, Cheryl

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