Raw Solla's Back in Town by kristin

Avocado SalsaIt is a special treat to see one of our favorite students again. Solla's home base is in Iceland, but her smile warms the world. I was still teaching upstairs when she was a student more than 5 years ago, and I've watched her progress on social media and even kept in touch by email occasionally. She's just one of those people whose genuine warmth and heartfelt appreciation make everything we do here at Living Light feel especially worthwhile.

While she is here in Fort Bragg, she is doing some guest blogging on The Chef Experience. She took the photo of avocado salsa above-doesn't it look appetizing?

Seeing the school through the eyes of someone who has been away for a long time and still feels the same level of excitement about what we do here is really inspirational to all of us.

iceland Greatas

Solla does a lot of great work in Iceland and around the world. She was just talking to me this morning about work she has done teaching raw foods in the prison system in Iceland. She gifted me with a beautiful poster from a former inmate who is now out of prison and is creating wonderful art to share with the world.

One of the loveliest things she shared with me this morning was that the last time she saw him he told her that he had decided to be 100% honest in his life from now on. That's a difficult place for anyone to reach. We both had tears in our eyes by the end of the conversation.  We are blessed at Living Light with people in our lives who bring so much to the world. solla with greens

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