Spring Forward by mary elizabeth

What are you doing for yourself this spring? I’m trying to exercise more and worry less. That’s for the inside. For the outside, I’m trying to remember to mind my own business. Tall orders. I love to sit around and worry! And everyone else’s business is so interesting. But –I’m actually in the mood to do some work on myself so we’ll see how it goes. I’m also hoping to remember that everything good in my life is dependent not only on me, but also on how I receive the gifts around me. Cherie reminded us of this at a company meeting yesterday – that it’s as important to receive as to give. How true!

Next week the students here at Living Light will move into the advanced culinary leg of their journey towards becoming Gourmet Raw Food Chefs. It kind of changes things for them as they are able to gain more creative control over the skills they’ve learned so far in Associate Chef and Instructor training. They’ll be doing more with recipe development, menu planning and job costing. It’s fun to watch them mature as chefs as the weeks go by. Not only are they gaining culinary skills, they’re gaining confidence. At Living Light our instructors are concerned about their students as whole individuals, and it shows in the students’ tired yet satisfied faces. Good job, Associates! Good luck, Gourmets!

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