Spring is Here! by hilloah

A couple of weeks ago Archie put our Mason Bees out in one of the gardens and we saw our first one this weekend. It probably was a male for two reasons: one, the antennae were long and females have short antennae; two, the three eggs in the tube closest to the sun are male bees. I do not know how this is done. How does the female bee know which egg will be a male or a female? It is a mystery.

We are also seeing birds enter our bird houses. The Emerald Green-Backed Swallows are here again and they chose the same bird house that they always do. We were wondering if they would as we had to move the house to another tree. The old tree was rotting too much and we had to cut it down. I wish I'd been there to see them first arrive; can’t you imagine it? They swoop to enter the house they remember and it is not there! Ah well, they found it.

It looks like spring in the Living Light Marketplace as well. There are new chef coats: a new shade of purple (Cherie’s favorite color), short sleeves, ¾ sleeves, and a new style – a wrap, so cute! The book shelves – an entire wall full – also look so pretty with all the covers in different colors. Even some of the culinary tools are in color.

 Yes, spring has sprung!

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