Gambaro Means Go For It by kristin

four beautiful girlsOnce again, I've been inspired by the Japanese spirit in the face of everything that has happened in their country recently. I've heard the term Gambaro described as "Go For it" or "One for All and All for One" - a term that apparently has taken on somewhat magical significance at a stressful time. "Be positive" is the simplest definition of the term.

In these challenging times we all feel the need to pull together, be positive, and keep smiling. Here are four Living Light staff members demonstrating the Gambaro spirit: Gabrielle, Kristina, Katie, and Terese. They work in the Cafe, the Markeplace, and in our shipping department, and we couldn't do it without them. Aren't we lucky to have such beautiful, shining examples of womanhood in our company?


Take a minute to really look at someone you see every day, and appreciate who they are and what it means to have them in your life.  Sometimes we are hypnotized by what appears to be important and we don't see what's right there before our very eyes.

We've got an amazing class schedule coming up right before our eyes, beginning with our advanced recipe development classes, Ethnic Flavors in Recipe Development, Raw Food Gourmet Spa Cuisine, Raw Event Catering and Elegant Entertaining, followed by Pastry Arts-Unbaked! and several of our popular Science of Raw Food Nutrition courses back to back. At Living Light, we make it fun to learn new things-Go for it!

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