Make the Splash by mary elizabeth

Living Light is making donations to our local chapter of the American Red Cross for every student that signs up for our Advanced Raw Culinary Arts Instructor Training Certification. We as a company have always promoted positive planet change by promoting a healthy life style. Be a part of the solution and learn not only to prepare healthy food but how to teach others to make this positive change. Each choice for health – both personal and planetary - is another drop in the bucket of change. And all our drops can make a splash.

As we hear back from our former students in Japan, the tragedy comes closer to home. One woman wrote that while so many are subsisting on noodles and water, eating healthily seems almost a luxury to be put on hold for a bit. In their situation it probably is, but sadly, eating healthily is often a luxury right here at home. As a mother of two children, I can tell you by the end of some pay periods, healthy eating habits are put on hold. Organic produce and lunch box treats just can’t compete with name brand processed choices and non-organic food.  As a nation, we say that the health of our kids is a priority, but one can buy five giant boxes of FruitLoops for the price of one normally sized box of organic cereal. I really want to support organic farmers and companies putting out organic alternatives to comforting staples but when my family’s involved, if it comes to eating consciously or eating – I choose eating. As we Americans reach out to our brothers and sisters across the Pacific, let’s also be mindful of taking care of our own. We all have a voice and a choice. Let’s concentrate on making healthy choices accessible to all.

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