Being Prepared Is a Team Effort by hilloah

Last night Archie and I went to a town meeting. Where we live, there are several hundred people living off one particular road with only one way to get to Highway One. They were discussing the possibility of opening another access road and proposed four routes, one of which goes by our home. Several of our neighbors were there and now everyone is upset. All agree we need another access road but no one wants it near their home as the traffic will increase. People will use the new road  to get to work in a more efficient manner, etc., and not just in emergencies. We live in the country and know every single vehicle that drives by and if it is not one that we recognize we wonder who it is. If the new road goes in we will have several unrecognized vehicles and a lot more noise. We need the road – fire being the biggest danger – but as I said, no one wants it by their property. The project is scheduled to start in September; I wonder which proposed road it will be?

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