Give Peace a Chance by kristin

When I studied with Ann Wigmore at her institute in Puerto Rico in 1991, several of the things I remember best are de-hulling sunflower and buckwheat greens under shady trees, the beautiful big greenhouse, the songs we sang in a circle when we first arrived, and watching a film about the Peace Pilgrim. Beginning in her 50s, she  walked thousands of miles for peace, leaving the comfort of a middle class life, and taking shelter  and food only when it was freely offered.

On a daily basis it is often hard to find peace even in our own hearts, as we are caught up in the daily dramas and anxieties of our own psyches. Yet all over the world, in spite of wars, natural disasters, and other frightening and disheartening events, the human spirit is still capable of expressing love and peace. Peace Pilgrim's book falls into my hands every couple of years, and I read it again, and pass it on, grateful for the reminder that many have worked  and continue to work to give peace a chance.japanese peace symbol

My friend Monica sent me a note that had been written by a Japanese woman in Sendai, and it was all about how people in that city are reaching out to help each other in dizzyingly painful and terrifying times. Our sister city, Otsuchi, Japan, was hard hit- over 10,000 people are missing. We're donating $250 for those signing up for our new Advanced Instructor Certification Series with Jennifer Cornbleet as well as 15% of the cost of the 28 day Living Light Inn stay while attending the program. We'll also have a general donation link for the American Red Cross Pacific Tsunami Relief Fund on our website for Living Light friends, students, and graduates who want to donate. Details in our March Newsletter here. May peace find its way into all of our hearts. hands of light

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  1. Kathryn Knoll

    I can think of no more peaceful and peacemaking activity than preparing food that is alive and vital. May your every moment be an act of peacemaking for our world, Kristen with each and every sunflower seed you de-hull.:)

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