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Just a few more days left until our next series of culinary classes begins. There are still five spaces left in the six week Gourmet Raw Food Certification course.  We are always excited to meet our new students in person and find out what they are planning for their future with the skills they acquire here at Living Light.  Frequently potential students ask me about the Gourmet Raw Food Chef training. Do I really need the advanced courses,  are they worthwhile?

Of course I am going to say yes, and not only because it is my job. I also do not lie. In my interview with Cherie Soria the first time I met her, I told her: “I will not lie to anyone I speak with, Ms. Soria. I am not a telemarketer, and though I have the “gift of gab” if our classes are not legit, are not truly outstanding, or are not something in which I can believe, I will quit.” That was over four years ago.

I often speak with the students after they've finished a class and I ask them: “Was it worth it?” Most say, “Oh my goodness, yes!”

Some say yes, but I would like to see . . .(insert suggestion here).

I love both types of students, and I've watched Cherie incorporate our student suggestions time and again. Cherie listens closely to the students and their suggestions, since she wants to help people in the best possible way to succeed and be able to help others. She is a teacher of teachers, after all! We have created several new classes since I first started here, in response to students speaking out and sharing their needs and desires.

Some of the popular new classes we've added include Sharpen Up Your Knife Skills, Food Design for Photography, and our newest class with Jennifer Cornbleet, the Advanced Instructor Training Certification Series.  More details on the latter coming up in our newsletter and future blogs...only two opportunities to take it in 2011 - July and September. Stay tuned....

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