I Like It by mary elizabeth

Sometimes the universe gives you little unexpected signs that you’re doing some things right. This time the unexpected sign was in the form of a thirteen year old girl. My daughter’s class is going on a field trip next week and she actually said she wouldn’t mind if my boyfriend and I went along. Definitely not what I expected. But – it sure makes me happy. I’ve been feeling a bit inadequate lately as the bills pile up and my desk just accumulates more and more little post-its – all flapping in the breeze of my own anxiety. At least my kid’s willing to spend some time with me. Something’s going right.

How are you at goal setting and time management? I find these to be rather elusive. I try and practice with things like, “Finish your tea before it’s ice cold” which encompasses both and makes me feel better about myself for a minute. But I don’t think that’s the sort of thing Jenny Cornbleet means in the description of her new class: Advanced Raw Culinary Arts Instructor Training Certification. If you’re an Associate Chef and Instructor grad, or soon will be, you’ll want to check it out. If you want to make raw food your career, she has it all spelled out for you, and will give you the tools you need to really take your business to the next level. This class will be a fantastic confidence booster and a great way to re-connect with Living Light!

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