Compost happens! by hilloah

One of the raw recipes from Living Light that Archie and I enjoy is the Green Giant.  We grow our own kale, spinach and romaine lettuce. This year we will also try to grow our own celery. We did last year, but it was the wrong kind and didn't taste good. (Oh well, the compost liked it.)  Sometimes we add ginger root but we rarely add lemon as I am not a fan of a lemony taste. Come into our cafe on St. Patrick's day, and whether you like lemon in your juice or not, you may be able to get a great deal on a Green Giant - we're having all kinds of specials on green stuff that day!

 Archie has most of the seedlings for our garden in small pots in the greenhouse right now. Their names are on popsicle sticks. Names like delicata squash, space tomatoes (the seeds actually went into space), a bumpy winter squash called Galeux d’ Eysines (a french heirloom that gets bumps that look like warts - the more bumps, the higher the sugar content!). My girlfriend hates the look of this squash, but Archie and I like it. Archie told Sandi that he will scrape off the bumps to make it look more appealing to her! What do you think? Do you like the bumps or not?

In addition to the Mason Bees, this year we will be introducing praying mantises and ladybugs to our garden. We love sharing our property with other life forms!

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