Sweet Spring Surprises by kristin

St Paddy's DayJoe, our Marketplace Manager just came up to me in the hall to say that he's going to have a special event in the Marketplace/Cafe on St Patrick's Day. He's going to give away a $50 Gift Basket that day to one lucky winner who visits the Cafe and Marketplace AND offer a special sale on everything green, from smoothies to olives and everything in between! So if you are in the Fort Bragg area, be sure to stop by for your share of the pot of gold! And (ahem) it's probably a good idea to wear at least a little green that day to avoid the pinch!

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Details to be revealed on our Facebook pages--if you haven't liked Living Light Culinary Institute, Living Light Marketplace, or Living Light Cafe yet, please do. We'll be posting specials, sales, and sweet surprises throughout the year. Cherie Soria already has lots of Facebook friends, but you can squeeze in if you want to stay in touch with the "Mother of Gourmet Raw Vegan Cuisine". We'd love to hear from our far flung family of raw vegan enthusiasts, gluten free folks, vegetarians, vegans, animal lovers, and curious newbies to the green lifestyle! We are raising awareness of how to keep the planet and ourselves healthy and happy in every season of the year. Wonder if Green Day (the Band) are vegan?

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