Things I Have Added or Taken Away From My Life by hilloah

Since I started walking, I have taken away drinking wine on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and allowed myself only one coffee latte a day (it has been so cold lately I was having two or more!). Last week I added writing and mailing a minimum of one letter a week to family or friends. This week I will add writing one memory for a minimum of five a week.

By memories I do not mean a journal per se, but writing up actual memories of my children. I started out by listing six memories per child – I have four children: one daughter and three sons – and then started writing them out. Once I started, more memories came. This will be a great gift to give them later. Will I ever  finish?

I think for the next week or so I will stay status quo: walk, drink less wine and lattes, write letters and memories. Those are pretty good goals.

What is up here at Living Light? We are gearing up for our first “mini series” of FUNdamentals, Knife Skills (which I will be taking), Essentials and the Science of Raw Food Nutrition, Level I. After the series is over we will have a four day break and then we will be starting over again with a full Gourmet Raw Food Chef series as well as the full Science of Raw Food Nutrition series.

 What a spring this will be!

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