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I don’t remember if I ever really followed up on Bridget’s and my raw food adventure last month. Probably not, because to be perfectly frank, we were pretty much over it by the end. In fact, we’re still a little leery of the food processor. Physically, it was a big fat success, though. Besides my shiny hair, my daughter’s skin was glowing and clear, we may have lost a little weight (well…she did…), and we felt great! It was a fantastic experience and we’re planning to do it again - just not immediately. In the mean time, we’re trying to integrate more raw into our day to day menus, and we’re sneaking up on veganism. If you really want to put your eating habits into perspective, I suggest you go raw for a month. And if you do, may I also suggest you keep within reach of the Living Light pastry case.

Speaking of pastry, yesterday was the last day of Pastry Arts – Unbaked! And that, dear reader, is a good day to work at Living Light. We were treated to samples of all kinds of goodies the students had made in class – very generously. I brought mine home to share with my daughter. It was a yummy delight. Living Light’s about to begin another Gourmet Raw Food Chef series next month, complete with another pastry class at the end, but we don’t have many spaces left. So – if you’re considering coming, I suggest you register sooner rather than later as your next chance isn’t until July. Give me a call!

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  1. livinglightinternational

    Great post as usual Mary Elizabeth...it's good to have different perspectives about raw foods. And as you know, at Living Light we embrace everyone, no matter where they are on the path!

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