What Did You Have for Lunch? by kristin

Okay, I have to take a survey...how many of you have noticed that out there in cyberspace the posts that seem to generate the most comments have to do with what one is eating, preparing, about to eat, or has just eaten? I've politely tried not to notice, but you know, it's such a trend that I think it deserves some attention. At first, I thought --well, maybe it is just raw foodists, vegans, and vegetarians, since I work with that group of individuals on a regular basis.

It had started to become rather disconcerting to me, not to mention alarming, that while someone would post something meaningful about art, global warming, or political opinion and get a couple of likes, and maybe a straggling comment, someone else would write about what they just ate and get about 39 zillion comments. And then I started asking around and found out that even my friend's 13 year old daughter's skateboard cyberpal posted what he ate for and got TONS of comments. And of course, even Oprah is getting into the act these days, with a week long vegan diet for her whole staff of nearly 400 people. We've been wanting her to notice raw foods and veganism for a long time (and maybe even send an emissary to our school to learn the skinny on raw). Speaking of skinny, I remember hearing once that Audrey Hepburn allowed herself to eat one piece of chocolate cake a year.

And on the subject of food (gulp!), did you know that you can learn to make guilt free chocolate cake right here at Living Light? And we've got a great sale on classes for our March 5-14 session? Just call one of our enrollment specialists for details. And be sure to tell her what you had for lunch.

5 thoughts on “What Did You Have for Lunch? by kristin

  1. Brett

    i had a roast beef tillamook cheese with light mayo and french's mustard sandwich on milton's whole wheat with lay's potato chips for lunch.

    ...another great article Kristin. Always enjoy them.

  2. maryelizabethslife

    i just LOVE this, darling! so glad you brought up the subject, too. although one of my all time heroes, i must say i am quite opposite ms. hepburn in that i only allow myself to skip a piece of chocolate cake one day a year. i had a green juice for lunch, by the way....

  3. livinglightinternational

    Thank you everyone for your varied comments. Yes, I think that posting about healthy foods is a good way to get the word out, and at the same time, I really like the idea of sharing more about the whole person than just what we are eating! Food for thought.....from kristin

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