March Forth by mary elizabeth

If you don’t mind wind, March is a lovely time to come to Fort Bragg. The air is clear and fresh and the rains have pretty much stopped. It’s not warm enough inland for it to get foggy yet, either, so the ocean views are open and beautiful. It’s also time for the whales to migrate back up north and you can see them if you’re lucky. We have three weekends worth of whale festivals in March, too. These are community events centered around the whale watching opportunities and include fun stuff like wine tasting, arts and craft fairs and guided walks at the state parks. The Point Cabrillo Light House is a very windy but great place to see the whales and they usually have activities for kids as well as the usual exhibits and gift shop. The light house itself is an historic treasure and fun to see. I lived here for years before I actually saw a whale, and then one year I brought my kids out to the lighthouse and saw tons! It was amazing, really. Anyhow – like I said – as long as you really and truly don’t mind wind, March is a great time to come to Fort Bragg.

This March is a great time to come to Living Light, too. We have two opportunities to take FUNdamentals of Raw Living Foods, which is always on a Saturday and would put you here for one of the whale watching weekends. And, we’re offering a short series in the beginning of the month which would get you here for two of the fun weekends. It would also get all your prerequisites taken care of so you’d not only be super ready to go home and set up an awesome home raw kitchen, you’d be poised to come back some day and complete your certification as a raw food chef. So think about it – maybe it’s time to move ahead. Maybe it’s time to begin an education in raw culinary arts. And maybe you’ll get to see some whales, too.

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