The Sweetness of Life by kristin

PersephoneSpeaking of  Goddesses, Persephone and the legend of the Pomegranate has long been a favorite of mine. It even got me a job once, when I had to repeat the legend for a prospective employer. On a personal level, it seems that nearly every winter I have to go my "Persephone place," or the dark aspect of my psyche and dwell there for a little while before re-emerging, as Persephone did, into the light of Spring and fertility. Aspects of my personality and creativity need to go dormant for awhile, as part of my yearly renewal. Much like Persephone's journey, it's not always pleasant or fun, but I've learned through the years that it is better to embrace it than to resist.

And what of the jewel- like fruit that tempted Persephone and (in myth at least) causes the world to experience winter each year? It's red like the berries on the winter trees, and also reminds me of life's sweetness. The fruit is hard to release from its membranes, and unique in both taste and texture. Sometimes the sweetness of life is hard to release and embrace, especially when we resist its shadow side. On the raw food side of things, pomegranates are also extremely high in vitamin C, B5 and other important nutritients and antioxidents.


Red is also the  color of the Valentine hearts we celebrate each February. And we've got only a few days to go to HotRawChef and finish watching all the videos and cast our votes for our talented chefs. I wonder if anyone has a recipe using pomegranates. Gives me yet another reason to check out the videos. If not this year, than definitely next...a sexy recipe using the sweet tartness of the inimitable pomegranate!


5 thoughts on “The Sweetness of Life by kristin

  1. Joan

    I was googling "the sweetness of life" today and came upon your writing as it pertains to my need to link the phrase with Louise Hay's belief that the Health of the pancreas relates to the sweetness of life. Two important people in my life both passed away from pancreatic cancer, seemingly both had lost the sweetness in their
    life.....knowing them you might never guess their deep suffering, always smiling, cheerful, giving of themselves. The pomegranates beauty hides on the inside and one must remove it's tough peel to reveal the magical red seeds of sweetness. How long must one suffer before their sweeness dies? As most of us know pancreatic cancer is like a life sentence with very few cases of survival. Keep the sweetness alive in you!!!

    1. livinglightinternational

      Dear Joan,

      I am sorry to hear of your friends struggles. I do believe each of us has issues that come up, and whatever they may be, we sometimes need to re-focus our attention on the sweetness of life (while accepting and acknowledging our shadow side). I'm glad you happened upon our blog. Please visit us again, and thank you for your comments~kristin

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