A Balanced Planet by hilloah

I wrote last week about people helping people. I wrote about a local school teacher who believes in an Environmentally Green Earth. Let’s see what she is doing now.

 Tami is going to UC Davis  for her doctorate  and working to help the people of Bangladesh to grow tangerine trees. Why? She is setting out, along with her colleagues, to prove that mothers who eat tangerines while nursing their babies not only have better health, but  their babies are healthier as well. Assuming this is true,  they can then advise the country to grow tangerines as there will be a local market and they will not have to be imported. A new industry could conceivably be birthed. This would truly help the economy in Bangladesh.

 Today’s environmentalists, economists and politicians are thinking “outside the box”. Not only does every country need to be “green”, but they must be self sustaining as well. It is not fair to demand that a country stop their best industry because it is contributing to the unhealthiness of the planet and not help them start a healthy industry that will benefit planet Earth. Tami’s group is one of many who are working on this predicament.

 As I have said before: you do not have to help others in a big way – Archie and I are giving our extra plants and harvested veggies to others, and it is very much appreciated. Some naysayers are heralding the end of civilization as we know it; but I see too many people reaching out and helping others.

 Have you placed your vote for the Hot Raw Chef Sweet Valentine Video Recipe Contest yet? I will do it this weekend when I have the time to watch the videos. Not only will I get to watch the videos and vote, but I will also get the recipes in eBook form – how exciting!

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