Sunny Days and Romantic Getaways by kristin

anderson valley II
When you have a January birthday, as I do, you truly revel in the winter sunshine. Since my birthday was on the weekend this year, I decided to take an impromptu road trip through the Anderson Valley and up to Calistoga, a pretty little town with natural hot springs. Sometimes its good to just take to the open road and clear your head a little, although it was also a wonderful weekend here on the Mendocino Coast. So I had a good time, and came back refreshed, which is good, because some people around here are getting sick, and that's no fun, winter or summer. Our Directors, Dan and Cherie just left for a long awaited trip to their honeymoon destination, Costa Rica. They were married there a few years ago, but have been so busy they've not gone back together for a couple of years, and it's high time to revisit that romantic destination.

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