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I received an email from my sister about a program helping women who have cancer clean their homes for four months while they undergo treatment. The website is I am continually delighted and amazed how people are helping people.

flowers in barrelA former renter dropped by yesterday to see Archie and me. Tami and her dog, Indy, were on our property for three months before we moved up here and about three months after. Once a month she had a septic company come, and had her “grey” water (water from the sink and shower) empty out on a barrel in which she planted flowers. She was always interested in being environmentally “green”.

After she left Fort Bragg she went to Ukiah to teach high school. There she touched people’s lives in ways she did not know. One student who had cerebral palsy came up to her at the end of the term to thank her. He had been trying to kill himself by starving to death. He had ended up in the hospital, but that did not change his mind. One day at school Tami was behind grading papers and decided to put on a movie. She chose a movie about anorexia and bulimia. After watching the movie the student realized he was in control of his actions and decided from that point to change his eating habits and his life. Tami had always treated him with respect and he decided to earn it. She was flabbergasted to hear his story, but so proud of his decision.  Next week I'll share another story about Tami.

I can hardly wait to vote for the Hot Raw Chef contest. Voting will begin this Friday, January 28th and end February 9th.  Someone called us today to ask if they could vote for themselves – how sweet! I am sure Obama voted for himself!

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