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Even though the energy is supposedly still curled up tight in January, I always feel a little surge of Spring at this time of the year. Just enough to tease out that little bit of hope that might have lain dormant after the holidays. When I go out to visit the plants on my deck, I see some new fronds and shoots, and a tinge of fresh green, nature's "hardest hue to hold" as Robert Frost says.

I love inspiration. We are starting to feel extra inspired this year, because we have our first group of students moving into "Chef" as we call it--when they really start using the skills they've aquired so far, and do their first public culinary demo at our school, besides learning (and eating!) a variety of truly scrumptious recipes. And we have extra reason to celebrate. Our chef Amber West has decided to follow her passion and complete our Living Light Associate Chef Internship Program. heart inspiration

This means that she'll be here as a chef/instructor for every Associate Chef and Instructor Series we have throughout the year. We've decided that this will be a great opportunity for us to launch another blog, called "The Chef Experience." Amber will chronicle each of the sessions with students in the Raw Culinary Arts Associate Chef and Instructor Training™ program, and share insights and photos from each group. This will prove to be inspiring to everyone working here, as well as to all the potential Living Light students out there who want to know the "skinny" on the day to day learning process. We're really excited! We can hardly wait to share a bird's eye view of our classes with all of you. And don't forget the Hot Raw Chef Sweet Valentine Video Contest!

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