Raw for Two by mary elizabeth

So – my daughter and I are well into our second week of eating 100% raw. And – goodness gracious – am I ever proud of her! She’s thirteen and has been pretty much subsisting on the Standard American Teenaged Diet – whatever we feed her plus lots of chips, gallons of soda and chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. Since we started, though, she’s eaten nothing but living foods. Although she’s been a bit cranky and has a whopping head cold right now, she absolutely refuses to waver. We found a great website by another raw teenager and we’ve been trying some fun recipes. Don’t tell her, but it’s kind of a bonding experience for us. Anyhow, I’m super proud of her and fortunately, I work at Living Light so I can bring her fantastic raw treats from our dessert case!  

Speaking of fun raw recipes, if you want to show off one of your own, now is the time to submit it for our Sweet Valentine Hot Raw Chef Video Recipe Contest.  I know Living Light employees can’t enter, but I wonder if my daughter could? I’ll have to read the rules more closely. Anyhow, if some of you reading this aren’t actually related to me, it really is time to make those videos and send them in. The new extended deadline  is January 24th. The prizes are fabulous and just entering will give you tons of exposure. And remember – nothing says “happy valentine’s day” like a heart healthy raw treat for your sweetheart. And winning $5000.00 wouldn’t hurt, either.

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